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Week 3 - 18th January 2021

Year 1 Spellings

Year 2 Spellings


This week we would like children to focus on 'Curly Caterpillar' letters. We will start with the final four 'Curly Caterpillar' letters. The group of letters are in the picture below and you can watch a video that models how to form each letter.

Here are some activities we would like children to complete to practice their handwriting:-

  • Write the letter in the air using their finger.
  • Write the letter on the floor or table using their finger.
  • Write the letter in different coloured pencils or pens.
  • Go over the same letter several times using different colours.
  • Draw a line or used lined paper and write the same letter all the way along a line.

Children can complete a little bit of handwriting each day or three longer sessions during the week. Year 2 children have been practicing their letters using a lead in but this will be new to Year 1 children as they were due to start this at the beginning of this term.

Please remind children when writing they need to be forming their letters in this way and not just in stand alone handwriting lessons. Thank you.

There are more handwriting activities on following our handwriting programme - 'Letterjoin'. Please visit our letterjoin page on our website with more information about log in details. 

How to write the letter 'g'

How to write the letter 'o'

Learn to Write the Letter 'q'

Learn to Write the Letter 'S'

Song of Sounds - Stage 2 - Year 1 Phonics

Song Of Sounds - Stage 3 - Year 2 Phonics

Reading at home

Please try to read daily with your children whilst at home. This could be reading one of their own books, a magazine, an oxford owl e-book or any posters, recipes, food packaging, etc around the house. This is to be recorded in their school reading record book. 


The log in details for Oxford Owl are:- 

Username - Meadow2021

Password - Meadow2021


If you would like support or suggestions on what level book your child should be reading please email our class email account -
Thank you.