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There's lot of fun to be had at home with Music.  Music can help to get you moving, lift your mood and motivate you.  You may already have favourite bands or artists you could listen to.


A few easy things you could do include:             

♦   put the radio on - listen to songs and sing along

♦   play music by your favourite artist

♦   imagine you're a rock star using a hairbrush for a microphone

♦   write and perform your own song or rap to your family

♦   use your body as percussion

♦   or try to make basic beat-box sounds


Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'

How to Make Basic Beatbox Sounds

Watch more Singing Tips videos: Step 1: Create a kick drum Make the kick drum sound by ...

If it's singing you're in to...

Mrs Allen-Brown's Singers

Mrs Allen-Brown can't be with you in person at this difficult time but she is making a video each week so that you can sing with her and keep learning your favourite songs.  A new video will be uploaded to our Music portal each Monday.  If you normally sing with Mrs AB, you'll be send the details of how to log in to this portal. 


Mount Pleasant's Music Hub 

Mr Pierce who you all know from his workshops in school has created a Music Home Learning Hub for us. You'll find lots of activities to try out, plus the tracks and lyrics from the Big Sing for you to use at home and some stories and poems for you to listen to. 




Mr Pierce is sending resources for each class every week.  Please go to your child's class Home Learning page to find these lovely resources.


Sing Up for Mount Pleasant    

We are members of Sing Up . From today they have launched a fresh new Sing Up at Home area on their site. This space will be totally free and accessible to parents and families They will be uploading fresh videos and resources for pupils and families to make the most of singing whilst at home.


There are also some great resources to take a look at online, including:

Free music resources updated weekly from Out of the Ark Music

Classics for kids

Music for Early years

BBC Teach 'Bring the Noise'  - suitable for all ages

BBC 'Play it' Get started experimenting with music suitable for all ages

School Radio suitable for all ages

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids Zone all sorts of interactive resources for learning about instruments of the orchestra.

Ten pieces at home takes a classical piece of music and provides in depth learning 

Ten pieces trailblazers  approx.. 40 video resources for exploring orchestral pieces featured.

Sing with Sharon Monday 6th April

Daily sing along with Sharon Durant What we did: Up Shake Shake (part of Grandma Rap, Sing Up) I Can Sing One (by Phoene Cave) Great Day (traditional, arrang...

Interested in making your own music?

You don't need a musical instrument to make music.  You might want to take some inspiration from STOMP! who are an internationally known group who make music out of everyday items then find ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.  You could send your recordings to your class teacher.

STOMP London | Dustbin Lids

The STOMP London cast show off their skills using dustbin lids. Find out more about STOMP London on the official West End show website.

Song Made Entirely w/ Household Items!!!!!!

I made this movie one day using things I found around the house. I play this short clip before live drum solos. Twitter: @austinrhoads

Household Percussion Jam

I've always liked when things around the house unintentionally make musical sounds. I decided to smack some jars and lay down some jams with a few random obj...