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Attingham and Hotspur class have received a batch of Chromebooks to assist our everyday learning.


Today, Attingham used Chartgo to create a bar chart showing the value of UK exports as part of our Trade and Travel topic.


Attingham enjoy a GoNoodle to separate the lesson and give themselves a well earned break!

Walter Tull assembly

KS2 enjoyed a moving assembly based on the life of Walter Tull.
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Autumn Term 2020


Welcome to the Autumn term. We have been looking forward to having the children back in school, and hope that they are looking forward to being back at school too.


We will support your child with their transition back into school life as best we can. You can rest assured that we have made our school as safe a place as it can possibly be and that we will give your children the time to adjust into their new class.


All of our school procedures, risk assessments and letters to parents can be found on our school website using the link below:


For the first five and a half weeks of term we will be running a ‘Catch Up’ curriculum to ensure that all pupils have had the chance to focus on the areas of the curriculum that they missed during lock down. In the forecast, you will see the areas that will be covered during this catch up period.


During Literacy lessons we shall be

looking at:

Writing — Descriptive language and non chronological reports. 

GAPS — Expanded noun phrases, sentence structure, fronted adverbials and commas for clarity.

Guided Reading — Holes to include VIPERS.


We shall focus, in Maths, on developing skills in place value, the four operations, measures, properties of shape and position and direction. 

The Year 6 pupils will be attempting daily arithmetic work every morning and will continue to develop their  ‘Mastery’ and reasoning to gain an in depth understanding of number and problem solving.


In science, we shall be studying force and materials. Furthermore, in history and geography we will be looking at Trade and Travel.


Our Darwin Values focus this term will be ‘Bounce-backabilty’. We want all of our pupils to become independent, self-motivated learners, and by working on these attributes we hope that the children will become more resilient. We will also be focusing on the big feeling of Happiness.


PE will be available to be taught Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their P.E in school on these days.

Our focus for P.E will be on team building, problem solving and fitness.


Spellings will be given out on a weekly basis.  Please help your child to learn their spellings and support your child where needed. Reading at home is very important. We expect children to read daily at home and that they are heard read by an adult at home at least twice a week. Each time a child reads, please remember to make a record in their reading diary. Your child now has access to Read Theory which can be accessed at home. 


We always warmly welcome extra support in class, so please do not be afraid to

offer to come in if you think there is something you could help with.  Questions and queries about your child’s learning are also welcomed so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Mr Johnson           Mrs Pritchard          Mrs Blake