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Teachers in the making. Today, some of Attingham class supported their peers by working through maths problems on the board. They did an excellent job!

Attendance Award - Two weeks in a row!

Today, we were visited by Alison from Dogs Trust UK. She spoke to us about caring for our dogs and understanding dog behaviour.

Reading for pleasure: Some of our class visited the library today to find a book they would like to read for pleasure.

RE: Today, Mr Kamali came in to speak to us about being a Muslim and how he lives his life while following his religion.

Home learning: What a fantastic piece of home learning from one of Attingham!

Darwin Value Afternoon - Bouncebackability. We worked with our Porthill buddies to solve a pretty tricky maths problem. We needed lots of ‘bouncebackability’ to succeed.

Weekly attendance award winners!!!

Spaced retrieval: Today we used Plickers to answer questions about our ‘earth and Space’ unit.

Welcome to the Spring Term 2024

Scan the QR Code to see what we’ve been doing in Connected Curriculum lessons during the Autumn term.

ExpertEd Webinar with Tim Ream (Premier League footballer). Today, we listened to advice from a Fulham and US international player about mental health and well being. He focused on resilience, facing challenges and dealing with setbacks.

We’re number 1 for attendance this week!

Three of our class represented Mount Pleasant at the Shrewsbury High School Maths Challenge today. And they only went and won it!!!

Children in need afternoon with our buddies from Porthill class.

We watched a Webinar about careers involving modern languages, lead by Silke Gatermann, who speaks five different languages and has worked all over the world.

Today we watched a ‘Picture News’ webinar about British Values, Democracy and Law.

Today, some of our pupils took part in a workshop with Dawn Powell from myth stories. They created QR codes that can be scanned to reveal activities and stories linked to the art work.

Internet Safety: Today we were visited by our local community support officer who came to talk to us about how to stay safe and conduct ourselves online.

In Flanders’s Field by John McCrae.

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With Remembrance Day fast approaching, we researched and discussed this famous poem before learning and performing it for you.

Webinar with Benjamin Hall: Today we took part in a webinar lead by Benjamin Hall who was badly injured whilst reporting on the war in Ukraine. He spoke about his job and how he has had to show great resilience to recover from his injuries and continue to report the news.

Harvest Festival donations

MAT Parliament and Eco Council elections.

Attendance Award winners for week 5 - 100% attendance!

We’re always open to suggestions...... with our new suggestion box, made by our very our school council representative.

Today, some of our years 5s started their ‘Peer Mentor’ training.

Computing: We researched the history of computers, but couldn’t resist a quick game of Frogger first!

Science: Experimenting using Newton meters.

Spaced Retrieval: Can you answer our retrieval true or false questions? If you can, can you expand and tell us more?

Buddy reading with Porthill class

Introducing our new school council representative....

Introducing our new Eco council representative.......

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2023