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COVID-19 School reopening FAQs

This is what you can expect your classroom to look like.

Attingham Class

This is what you can expect your classroom to look like.

Severn Class

Meadow class

Porthill Class

Back to School Social Story - help to prepare your child to returning to school

Shires Catering - Information for parents

This is what your class will look like.

                Abbey Class                                         Darwin Class                                     Severn Class

When you arrive at school we will be operating a strict one way system.   Please see the picture below.


Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing

Written by Kim St. Lawrence Read by Ryan St. Lawrence Note from the author: No children's story should be written in a weekend, but I wanted to get this out ...

How to Explain Social Distancing to Kids

Check out more at-home resources for kids (and their grownups): Missing out on normal activities is hard, but it's very i...

For very young children who may not understand the concept of viruses and germs, this video from Sesame Street's Grover is a great way to show them the “good” and “bad” of being far away and too close up to someone.

Grover and Social Distancing

As long time fans of Sesame Street, we thought that there would be no better way to spread some educational truth about staying safe during the COVID-19 outb...

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