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John Muir Award

Hi our names are Fin, Erikas, Daniel, Julia, Georgia and Lestat. We are trying to achieve the John Muir award which is an award to protect our forest and there are 4 parts to it: discover, explore, conserve and share so we will all take part.

John Muir was born in Dumbar, Scotland in 1838 he died at the age of 74 in 1914. He moved to America later on in his life

He was a naturalist, author and enviromentalist. He protected wildlife and founded conservation organisations.

Because of his fantastic work he became known as John of the Mountains, Farther of the National Parks and Patron Saint of American Wilderness.


During our first week we found frogs and newts whilst exploring the forest. We got to hold them. Georgia and Daniel cleared out some of the dead leaves from the pond and Fin faced his fears!

We had a go at sketching the newts and frogs.

As part of protecting the forest we did some litter picking. 

As a group we all helped to change the bambo sticks for the new trees in the forest.


We went to the forest and climbed trees.First we had to make sure that the tree was firm anough to climb. Also we had to make sure that the tree was not on the verge of breaking.

For some of us it was our first time climbing a tree and we were VERY proud of ourselves.

We collected pieces of elder wood too make things like puppets,bracelets and necklaces. All of us made something. Some of us peeled the bark off!

Hello we are Louis, Olivia, Kian, George, Tilly, Layla and Mathew. We are completing the John Muir Award.There are 4 stages to the award.They are: Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. As a child, John Muir loved to explore and look after nature to keep the enviorment safe. As part of our award we are going to explore our school forest and do our bit to help. 

Each week we have been litter picking to keep our Forest tidy. Plastic and rubish is dangerous to our creatures. By removing the rubish we can help protect the animals that live in the Forest.



So far we have discovered Dafodils, Bager Setts, Newts, Ponds and Bull Rushes.