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Our School Councillors for 2021-2022

Some of our KS2 School Council Reps met with Mr Bartlett - Shropshire Council Crime Prevention Officer and Councillor Jeff Anderson. 

Our pupils wanted to find out more about what local government does.  They asked some great questions, such as ‘What does Shropshire Council do?’ and ‘What are the biggest problems for the council at the moment?’ 

They found out LOTS of information which we’ll share in assembly on Monday.  Well done everyone.


Our School Council September 2019 - July 2021

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our School Councillors who have completed this role over the last year-two years. It has been a challenging 18 months but you have all taken pride in your role and we are all very proud of how you have represented the school throughout your time on the School Council. 

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and School Closure for the majority of children we have decided to allow the current School Council representatives to continue until the end of the school year. 
To ensure every class had a representative we had to complete an election in Darwin, Severn and Porthill. Welcome to our new members...


Our School Council for 2019-20 (Continuing until the end of the school year) comprises of the following members: 


Keeping our school tidy. Today KS1 School Councillors had a tidy and sort out in the Forest School clothing area. Great job everyone!

School Council organised a Walk to School Week in May 2021. We created a video and shared it with children during a whole school assembly

School Council designed a Christmas Card to send to our friend Dembarou in Senegal

Children in Need - School Council organised for the whole school to have a PJ Day! We raised £303.64! Well done everyone.

⭐️ Keeping our School tidy ⭐️

A huge thank you to our wonderful School Council and Eco Council members who completed a litter pick around school yesterday afternoon. They were very excited to attend the first meeting of the year where in their teams made sure our school was litter free. Even in the rain all of them had a huge smile on their faces. 💙💛

We met with Wendy from Shire Services and Mrs Perry our School Cook to discuss school dinners and the new menu

We raised £189.50!! Huge thank you to everyone who visited the sale! Thank you to our oldest members of School Council and friends for counting all the money raised.

The Macmillian Cake and Hot Chocolate sale! Organised and run by School Council members

Busy preparing for the Macmillan Cake Sale

School Council have been busy creating posters to promote their festive Macmillan Cake Sale and delivering them to local residents.

School Council have been busy raising money for Children in Need all week by selling the merchandise. Thank you for your time before and after school.

Huge thank you to School Council who sorted and created this wonderful display of Harvest donations.


Our job is to listen to our peers and inform them of new initiatives throughout the school year. We have a very important job to do in influencing decisions and putting forward pupils ideas for discussion. 


Making a difference


We meet on a regular basis so that we are able to share our ideas, thoughts and issues about school. Our aim is to make our school an even better and more enjoyable place for us to attend.  Every class has a suggestion box which the rep brings to the meeting and shares the ideas that have been added to it.  


  • more homework
  • new footballs for break time
  • ketchup with school dinners
  • more charity events



School Council 2018/19
Together we made a difference...
We have helped to make some important decisions. 
For example,  we chose the creatures that are going to made for the MAT Parliament Plastic Pixel Art Competition.  We also decided on some options for the theme for our new library.  We gave the classes these choices and everyone voted for their favourite.  From all the options we suggested, the most popular choice was a 'space' theme. 




Throughout the year we organise several fundraising events to support causes which include Children in Need and Comic Relief/Sport Relief.

This year we decided to go with the national theme for Children in Need and came to school wearing spots.  We sold Children in Need merchandise and Pudsey helped Mrs Benge to give out certificates in assembly.



Find out more...

Your School Council have a noticeboard in the hall, which allows us to keep all pupils updated with our work. We will regularly update this site with a summary of our latest initiatives, so 'watch this space'.


Remember if you have an idea or suggestion, write it on a piece of paper and put it in your class suggestion box or talk to your class rep.


Thank you

You School Council