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At the start of each school year, the pupils in each class elect a School Council representative. Our School Council for 2018-19 comprises of the following members: Ruby (Severn), Lyla and Freddie (Porthill), Jayden (Quarry), Julia (Castle), Noah (Attingham), Elena (Hotspur).

Our job is to listen to our peers and inform them of new initiatives throughout the school year. We have a very important job to do in influencing decisions and putting forward pupils ideas for discussion. 


Making a difference


We meet on a regular basis so that we are able to share our ideas, thoughts and issues about school. Our aim is to make our school an even better and more enjoyable place for us to attend.  Every class has a suggestion box which the rep brings to the meeting and shares the ideas that have been added to it.   So far this year, suggestions that have been made include:


  • more homework
  • new footballs for break time
  • ketchup with school dinners
  • more charity events


We have helped to make some important decisions already this year.  For example,  we chose the creatures that are going to made for the MAT Parliament Plastic Pixel Art Competition.  We also decided on some options for the theme for our new library.  We gave the classes these choices and everyone voted for their favourite.  From all the options we suggested, the most popular choice was a 'space' theme.  Work will start on this over the next few weeks.  This is VERY exciting.




Throughout the year we organise several fundraising events to support causes which include Children in Need and Comic Relief/Sport Relief.

This year we decided to go with the national theme for Children in Need and came to school wearing spots.  We sold Children in Need merchandise and Pudsey helped Mrs Benge to give out certificates in assembly.


Find out more...

Your School Council have a noticeboard in the hall, which allows us to keep all pupils updated with our work. We will regularly update this site with a summary of our latest initiatives, so 'watch this space'.


Remember if you have an idea or suggestion, write it on a piece of paper and put it in your class suggestion box or talk to your class rep.


Thank you

You School Council