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Maths at Mount Pleasant 


At Mount Pleasant we use a mastery approach to teaching Maths. To support this, we use White Rose as our main resource alongside other materials such as NCETM and I See Reasoning. We have been supported in our Mastery journey by the SHaW Maths Hub ensuring we offer the best possible professional development opportunities for our teachers. To develop the teaching of the early skills in maths we use Mastering the Curriculum in EYFS. This ensures there is a depth of understanding across those early objectives to enable children to develop a secure understanding as they move through KS1 and 2.  Across KS1 and 2 we use Numbots and TT Rockstars to support children to be confident in the rapid recall of number facts and time tables. We encourage children to be confident in having a go and exploring different ways to solve problems using efficient methods to find answers. We believe that all children can achieve in Maths through a purposeful engaging and encouraging environment. We actively encourage our children to deepen their understanding with the use of Maths Buddies, group work and the expectation to be able to explain their mathematical thinking in a concrete (use of manipulatives), pictorial (drawing their own pictures or representatives) or abstract (their thoughts) way.

Maths coverage

Enrichment in Maths 

Opportunities and Samples of Work

Our children take part in a variety of Maths competitions across the County and within our MAT.