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Eco Council

Eco Council



Our Aims

The children talked together about what they hope to achieve through their work on the eco council.

  • Recycle More
  • Protect Nature
  • Work As A Team
  • Keep Our School And Forest Clean And Safe
  • Reduce The Amount Of Single Use Plastic We Use
  • Reuse As Much As Possible
  • Teach Friends And Family To Be Eco-Efficient

Green Blue Peter Badge Homework - Remember this is not compulsary just something the Eco Reps showed an interest in. I will support them through it if they wish to do the work.

These wonderful posters have been made by some of our Eco Council as a reminder to dispose of rubbish and recycling correctly. Also some interesting alternatives that you could use!

We now recycle empty pens and Bread Bags. Please send in your donations!

Environmental Review

We have begun to complete our environmental review. It asks alot of questions about what we do as a school and has a point systemn to help us understand which areas we are doing well in and which areas we need to develop.