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School clubs

Termly School Clubs

A variety of activities are provided for the children outside of school hours. Teachers run many clubs in their own free time, usually after school, and other organisations and sports coaches are often involved. ‚Äč

Breakfast and After School Clubs

What time do the clubs run?

Breakfast Club, as the name suggests is a before school club that operates from 7.55am until 8.50am.

Twilight Fun Club runs from 3.00pm until 5.30pm, every week day when school is open to pupils.


Who looks after the children at Breakfast and Twilight Fun Club?

For Breakfast Club the children are supervised by 6 members of staff on a rota basis and there is always a member of the school’s teaching staff in overall charge.


For Twilight Fun Club the children are supervised by a club leader and three assistants, as well as a member of the SLT being on duty each evening. Our staff are fully qualified and our pastoral care is excellent.


Who can come to Breakfast Club and Twilight Fun Club?

The clubs are open to any children who attend our school. After Breakfast Club, the children are dropped off each morning to their class by the staff and they are collected from class at 3.00pm for Twilight Fun Club.


Do the children have to come to the club every day?

Not at all, you can use the club whenever, to fit in with your needs. Some children come to clubs every morning while other children are booked in two or three times per week. Some children just come to clubs when their parents need to be somewhere early or cannot collect at 3.00pm on a particular day. It’s totally up to you when, and how, you would like to use the club.


Do we need to book ahead?

Yes, please try and book as far ahead as possible and at the latest by 4pm the day before, so that we can ensure we have the correct staffing levels.

You can book places online through the School Money website. If you have any difficulties doing so, please contact the office on 01743 249135.


How much does it cost?

Breakfast club: First child is £3.75 per day, £2.75 for the second child.

Twilight Fun Club: £7.50 per session, per day, £6.50 for additional children.

Payment should be made on


What are Breakfast Club and Twilight Club like?

The clubs take place in either our main hall or cookery room. We offer warm and friendly care, alongside a varied breakfast and tea menu and fun activities. Every day for breakfast, we offer a choice of cereals, fruit juices and yogurt. For their cereal, children can choose from: Weetabix, Cheerios or Corn Flakes. For drinks, the children select from milk, orange juice or apple juice, followed by freshly prepared toast, with either butter or jam. They can have as much or as little as they want.


For their snack in Twilight, we provide sandwiches, hotdogs or pitta bread amongst other items. Afterwards, children play together outside or in, read, watch television or do their homework.

You can book your child’s place online through  or via telephone on

01743 249135 between 7.55am and 4pm.