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Home Learning in the event of school closure

To support families with home learning now that the Government has ordered schools to close, each class has created a home learning pack which you can use with your child. We also have lots of useful links to free resources to keep the children busy! 


To access the home learning packs, simply click on your child's class at the bottom of this page, this will take you to their page where work will be updated each week.


Please note that if your child is in Nursery, Abbey or Darwin, you can access their home learning resources by logging onto your child's Tapestry account.


Don't forget to check out our fit-zone, it is full of exercises that can be done at home. The Government have recommended that we all continue exercising to keep us fit and healthy! 


Have a look at our arts-and-crafts-zone for some great crafty ideas that you can do at home. The page also includes a feature on our 'Artist of The Month' and some activities that can be done in his style of art!  Our great friend Rory McCann is also providing weekly art tutorials which are not only beautiful to watch but will help develop skills in drawing and painting.


There's a lot of fun to be had with music whist you're at home, whether it's listen to music, singing or making music of your own.  Take a look at our music zone to give you some ideas.


We have created a mental-health-and-wellbeing page and a support-for-children-with-send page, these will have lots of information added to them that you may find useful. 

Video Resource Centre

We know how much our pupils love hearing stories being read at school so we are developing ways in which we can deliver story time whilst they are at home. Today you will be getting log on details to the video resource centre that is under the 'Children' section on the website or the direct link is below. A special video from Mrs Benge is waiting for you and there'll be more to come!

Non screen based learning activities


When your child needs to work online to access home learning, it's important to get the balance of screen time versus non screen time right.  Here are 50 ideas of activities in addition to those already provided by class teachers that encourage children to take a break from looking at some kind of digital device. 


Writing Competition!

PRIZES to be won!

As you may have seen via the app, MPPS are launching a writing competition based on chapters of The Book of Hopes.

Click the link below to access the book, and go to your child's home learning class page to find their challenge

The deadline for the competition is Thursday 21st May, and winners will be announced on the 22nd.

Great entries will be shared on the MPPS Facebook Page for all to enjoy. 

Staying Safe Online


This website has some really great resources on it for children about staying safe online. Well worth checking out.…/Su…/home-activity-worksheets/

Advice from the NSPCC

Free resources for all years 


  • The Imagination Tree - This website has some fantastic learning through play ideas for all ages, as well as various crafty activities.

  • Twinkl - A huge amount of resources can be found here, this is usually a paid for service but Twinkl are offering parents one month access for free. You will need to enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS to gain your free access.

Resources for EYFS/KS1


Resources for KS2


  • BBC Bitesize - There are lots of topics to choose from - plenty of resources online and games to play.

French resources for KS2


  • Quizlet - Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


There are lots of fun and helpful YouTube videos to watch too.


Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the week)

Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

French alphabet - L'alphabet en Français by Alain Le Lait

French Song "Colours"

Head, shoulders, knees and feet in French "Tête épaules genoux pieds"

Music Resources


Shropshire Music Service have sent us some useful music websites that you may want to have a look at, if you go to your child's class page in the section above, you will find more music resources which are key stage appropriate.