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Our last Hotspur Zoomers meet!

This weekend, I have been getting the band back together!

Hotspur Zoomers.......again!

This week’s home learning photos.

This weekend I have been inventing a new sport - Juboxdo! Pink gloves and head band must be worn at all times!

Hotspur Zoomers

This week’s photos from home

This week I have been practising the drums!

Some photos from home this week

This week I have mostly been feeling old!

Some photos from home this week

This week I have been focusing on becoming a cartoon pumpkin who likes to wear sun glasses indoors!

Home learning this week

Who knew that my hair would change colour in the sun?????

Home learning this week

Home Learning - Summer Term: Week 5 (18/5/20)

Look how much my hair has grown! Oh, and I have decided to be king too!

Year 5 and 6 Writing Competition

Home learning from this week

Home Learning Examples: There’s still lots of lovely activities going on in Hotspur homes! And someone has a new puppy!

Non-screen based activities - with so much online learning taking place, a balance of screen and non-screen time is important. Here are some ideas to get the balance right .

Home learning: it’s great to see members of Hotspur class attempting such a wide variety of activities at home!

Video Resource Centre


We know how much our pupils love hearing stories being read at school so we are developing ways in which we can deliver story time whilst they are at home. Today (24th April) you will be getting log on details to the video resource centre that is under the 'Children' section on the website or the direct link is below. A special video from Mrs Benge is waiting for you and there'll be more to come!

Remember, it’s vitally important that we all stay safe online!

A bit of maths for Sophie. Keep up the good work!

Home Learning Pack for the first week of the Summer Term (20.4.20)

Home Learning in action - Week 1: Keep up the good work Hotspur!

Home learning

Please find below copies of the home learning packs and resources to support these (23rd March – 3rd April).