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Attendance Champions this week - Marcus pays a visit!

Children were given a gummy bear to look after for the afternoon.  The aim was for the children to start showing empathy and looking after something else, appreciating how they might feel (as well as trying not to eat them!!) 

Star of the Week

Star of the Week 1

Telling the time

Castle class improving their biking skills on Bikeability Level 1

Forest School

Click the link below to see what we've been up to at Forest School

Yoga Taster session with Jenna - Namaste

World Book Day

Making Stone Age clay pots

Reading the Game - Players of the Match

In Castle class we have been looking at how we can keep ourselves healthy, inside and out.  We have been talking about the food we eat and how important getting plenty of sleep is.  We then focused on physical activities that would help look after our heart and minds.  Children had a go at a yoga session from Cosmic Yoga Kids, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Hopefully they will be sharing some of the yoga poses with you at home.  Feel free to join in!

Reading the Game - Players of the Match

Castle class get a visit from Lenny the Lion for Reading the Game

Darwin Values - Bouncebackability

A great first session of Reading the Game for Castle class with Coach Neil.  Lots of new skills learnt.

Reading the Game Week 1

In English, Castle class have been learning about Haiku poems.  Today we were writing our own about Winter.  We went for a walk to get inspiration for signs of winter, and develop ideas for interesting vocabulary we could use. 

Winter walk for our Haiku poems

Welcome back to the Spring term. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting new term. Our main focus this term is on our History topic—the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We are also fortunate to have Reading the Game sessions this term in Castle class, which aims to inspire young people with their written work through PE and sport. Lots to look forward to!


This half term, due to the Reading the Games sessions on a Thursday, children will have Forest School on alternate Tuesdays. The dates for each groups’ lessons are detailed in a letter you will receive from Mrs Blake. In the second half term, sessions will return to normal on a Tuesday and Thursday and run every week. Please ensure your child has the correct clothing in school on their Forest School Day. Thank you.





Welcome to the new class

Welcome to the new class 1
In Maths, we have been focussing on multiplication and division.  We have looked at the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  In our lessons we sometimes work with a Maths buddy which can lead to a lot of useful conversation and learning.  Children have been using equipment to answer questions looking at sharing and grouping for the 8 times tables. This is a fantastic way for children to actually see and understand the mathematical process and develop deeper understanding.

Maths Buddies

In English, Castle class have been learning about how to write instructions. We have looked at the features that they need and added those to our working wall.  We have been making paper hats and then writing details instructions of how to make them.

How to make a paper hat

Forest School with Marcus

Castle class joint winners for the attendance award

Castle class joint winners for the attendance award 1

Making our own worry dolls

'Stepping Out' Training in Castle class

Swag Bag in Castle class

Swag Bag in Castle class 1
Swag Bag in Castle class 2
We are really focussing on finding new and exciting vocabulary from the books we read in school and at home.  These words then go onto our class 'Swag Bag'.  As a class, we then discuss the meanings of the words, and encourage children to use them in their writing.  If you are reading with your child at home, and you find an interesting word, please write it in their reading record so that we can discuss it in the class the next day.