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Pupils making the most of ipads

We now have ipads in school and are using them with the pupils to support their learning.

Here is a list of the apps that we currently use with the pupils.
The list will be updated as we buy more apps in.
Some of the apps below are free, and some have a small charged attached.
All of these apps can been downloaded from the ‘App store’.
Wipeout wall – Addition and Subtraction
Wipeout wall – Multiplication and Division
Oh No Fractions
Multiple Wipeout
Eggs on Legs
Stop the Clock
Banana Hunt
Super Tiles
Leo and pals 2D shapes
Sorting 2D shapes Venn diagram
Sorting 2D shapes Carroll diagram
Sorting 3D shapes Venn diagram
Sorting 3D shapes Carroll diagram
Maths geometry
Think 3D
3D shapes and nets
Literacy                                                    General
Hairy Letters
My Gammar Lab – Elementary                    Bee-Bot
My Gammar Lab – Intermediate                  How stuff works
My Gammar Lab – Advance                        QR Reader
Book Creator                                           World Atlas
Puppet Pals                                              WWF Together
Literacy Planet                                          iMotion HD