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Little bags of kindness

We have received the below message from 'Little bags of kindness'


For our most recent kindness drive we are trying to help bridge the gap between shoe poverty and shoes going to early landfill here in the county. 


With the help of lots of schools we have collected, cleaned, polished and sanitised good quality second hand school shoes and trainers that children have grown out of during lockdown. These are now available for any families that may struggle with the cost of new shoes and trainers. We have hand sorted them ourselves and we are not passing anything on that we wouldn’t let our own children wear. Sizes are from toddler to adult. 


We want to offer these to as many of the children that you support as possible. We can do a box full with a selection of sizes and styles or we can put a specific order together of sizes and styles (eg. Family1: Girl, size 4, school shoe, boy size 13 trainer). There is no need to prove that the shoes are needed we just want them to go to new homes and to help and support any families that may need it. Please feel free to ask for as many as you feel you could re-home and we will do our best to fulfil this until the shoes have gone. 


We are based in Shrewsbury but happy to provide to the county, as long as the shoes are collected. 


Please email us 


With kindness,


Sasha, Ruth and Sophie

Little Bags of Kindness