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Things to Remember

  • Mr Jones will be in class Monday and Tuesday and Mrs O'Brien will be in Severn Class Wednesday  to  Friday. 

  • It is crucial that your child practices their reading  at home. Children will receive school books on a Monday and keep them until Friday when they will be collected in. Please encourage your child to read their own books or comics at home over the weekend.

  • PE is on a Monday and Thursday . Please ensure that full kit is in school from Monday.  


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Spring Term 2021

Happy New Year 


The children were excited when it started to snow so we went outside to look at the beautiful snowflakes.

Christmas Party 

The children had a wonderful time this afternoon.

Christmas Fun

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Christmas Jumper Day 
Well done to the children who have been achieved the next Reading Prizes.
A Yummy Christmas Dinner!
Christmas Puppets.
The school nurses came to talk to the children about hand washing.
Well done to everyone who made decorations and decorated paper plates. 
We continued our topic on the Wild Weather by making wind socks.
Shadow Puppets

Travel Show Presentations

The children presented the facts they have learnt about countries in the UK.


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Today's Elf Antics!

Bubblegum had written words on the children's bananas! They included words with the oa, ow and o-e sounds which we have been learning in Song of Sounds this week.

 A New Arrival.

We had a visit from an Elf this week and the children voted to call him 'Bubblegum.' He is staying in Severn Class until Christmas but flies back to the North Pole every night to pass messages on to Santa. He must have been very hungry when he arrived back because he ate some crackers and left a bit of a mess!!

We are learning about Wild Weather in Science. We looked at different weather symbols and sorted clothes that would be appropriate for different weathers. We talked about the different seasons and made Autumn collages.

Reading Challenge .

Thank you to the children who have brought their reading books from home. We are enjoying reading them as a class.

Christmas Performance.

The children enjoyed recording their songs for the Christmas and sang beautifully. Well done everyone!

Continous Provision

This week's activities included building castles, reading non-fiction books, making a leaf man, praticising number bonds to 10 and threading pipe cleaners into colanders.

The Weather 

We looked at different weather symbols and discussed the weather in different seasons. The children made weather charts and talked to a partner about their favourite weather.

We have been talking about the Natural World and the children created representations of objects using natural objects.

Road Safety

In our class assembly we talked about Road Safety. We talked about using the Green Cross Code to cross the road safely... STOP LOOK and LISTEN.

In Geography we have been learning about Physical and Human features of the environment.
In Literacy we sorted books into Non-Fiction and Fiction Books. We then looked at the features of a non-fiction book.

Another busy week!

The children have painted some lovely autumn trees and practised their scissor skills to create an autumn picture. They have made beach huts with the wooden blocks and wrote 'text messages' from the beach at the writing table. They have enjoyed reading stories by Julia Donaldson from the Story Basket.


UK Posters

We read lots of facts about England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland and made posters about the different countries.

The UK

We started  our geography topic about the UK by looking at the countries which make up the United Kingdom. We also talked about the capital cities of these countries.

Children In Need 

We joined Joe Wicks in his final workout for his 24 Hour PE challenge for Children In Need.

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We have continued our seaside topic this week. The children have loved being in the Beach Role Play Area (pity about the weather this week!) They have built sandcastles using Lego and made some lovely sketches of shells. They have been looking at non fiction books about the seaside.

The children practiced ordering numbers and counting using pumpkin seeds.

In Literacy we have been reading The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and the children acted out their favourite part.

Two Minute Silence

The children observed the two minute silence today on the playground for Remembrance Day.

Big Feelings

We read 'The Sad Skeleton' and used cotton buds to create skeletons.


The children have made Poppies for Remembrance Sunday which they are bringing home to display in a window for Remembrance Sunday.

Seasides in the Past 

The children looked around a gallery of photos of seasides in the past. We talked about the differences compared to seasides today.

A Healthy Lunchbox

The children designed a Healthy Lunchbox in Science this week and we talked about how much food in each food group is required for a balanced lunch.


There were some amazing pumpkins brought in by Severn Class. Well done! Severn Class enjoyed going on the Pumpkin Trail to see all the other pumpkins made by other children in the school.

Reading Around Town Challenge 

Congratulations to those children who have achieved the first stage in the Reading Around Town Challenge and recieved their book mark prize.

Thank you for all the lovely Harvest donations.

What a busy week!

We have started our 'Amazing Me' topic in Science so the children have been busy creating self portraits. Our text in Literacy is 'Flotsam' which is a story without no words. It's about a camera which is found on a beach. We have had some fabulous cameras created with Lego and the children have enjoyed looking at other story books without words.

The children have been practising numeracy skills along with their fine motor skills by pegging the correct number of pegs on the number card. They have been using adjectives in the writing table to describe objects and characters.

Using Our Senses 

We tasted Watermelon today - Yummy!

Landscapes Using Different Media

We looked at seaside images from different artists like Renoir and Van Gogh. We used different materials to create a texture on top of the image. The children have created their own seaside scene which will be painted with watercolours next week.

The children have created Fairyland with the wooden blocks and drew their own Fairyland. We have also been using the shapes to create pictures and continuing our fun in the Loose Parts Area.

We watched the book fest awards ceremony remotely today!

                         Loose Parts Area

The children are enjoying exploring our new Loose Parts Area. We are always looking for new resources to add to it so if anyone has any of the following and would be willing to donate them we would be most grateful. Thank you in advance.

  • wooden curtain rings
  • wooden egg cups
  • wooden napkin rings
  • wooden coasters
  • wooden dolly pegs
  • cotton reels
  • cardboard tubes of different sizes 
  • old picture frames
  • wood off cuts
  • plastic drain pipes 

Big Ben was created in our Loose Parts Area today


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Music Workshop

We all enjoyed a music workshop today and learnt about body percussion. They then created a lovely Soundscape.



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Creating a Soundscape

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The children have had another busy week making bead patterns, drawing butterflies and creating snails. We have been learning about using bossy verbs for instructions and so they  ordered the instructions to wash our hands.


We have been looking at 2d and 3D shapes in maths. Please practice these with your child at home and look for examples of them in the house and the environment.

The children have been busy doing lots of Minibeast activities. They have been building minibeast homes with clixi and drawing and painting  minibeasts. They have continued to practise scissor skills creating symmetrical butterflies. They have been practising their phonics by making oy and oi words with magnetic letters.

Minibeast Hunt

The children enjoyed going on a Minibeast hunt around the school grounds

Eco Council Representative

Congratulations to Nadia who was elected by her fellow pupils to represent Severn Class on the School Eco Council. She enjoyed her first litter pick today with the rest of the School Eco Council.

The Giant's Chant.

The children sang The Giant's Chant out in the sunshine and then we played 'The giant says' ( an alternative version of Simon Says!).

The Giant’s Chant

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Another busy week with Jack and the Beanstalk activities. The children have ordered the size of the beanstalks, sorted the beans (using beads!), created beanstalks with different shades of green and  made a castle for the Giant using Knex. We have also practised letter formation.

School Council Representative

Congratulations to Hattie Thomas who was elected by her fellow pupils to represent Severn Class on the School Council.


We explored different ways of moving and changing direction of travel in PE this week.


The children are enjoying eating their bagels in the morning when they come to school.

Darwin Values

Our Darwin Value this term is Bouncebackabilty. We have talked about how we can support each other to bounce back when things are not going so well. The children created flowers based on the story 'Bloom'.

 A Busy Week!
This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. The  children have been busy building a house Jack with Lego and they have created magic bean patterns using different colours.They have been practising their scissor skills and using magetic letters to make Tricky Words.

Settling In

The children have had lots of fun exploring Severn Class this week and they have all settled really well.

We said good-bye to Malena today and want to wish her good luck for the future.

Thank you Severn Class for being so amazing. We have had lots of fun today - playing games, painting, singing and dancing. Don't forget to put your rainbow pictures up to spread a little happiness. Hope you all stay safe and well.

Today we identified which animals live in which habitats.

Look at the fun we had in Maths!

Severn Class enjoyed playing with the new games they had won by raising the most money in the Sponsored Spell.

KS1 Maths Information Event - Thank you for attending, please see the PowerPoint below if you were not able to attend and the recommended book to support learning.

Well done to Severn Class for winning these prizes by being the class to raise the most money in the Sponsored Spell. The children are looking forward to playing with them.

Attendance Champions for the 6th time!

Severn class have been doing amazing home learning using the borrow bags.

World Book Day 2020

Severn class enjoyed reading books at intermittent times throughout the day today.

The songs below are the songs we are currently learning in Music ahead of the KS1 Singing Festival at Belvidere School.

You Wouldn't Have A Pig As A Pet

I Never Saw A Dinosaur

Baby Animals

If You Were A Turkey

My Dragon

The Animal Train

When The Sun Goes Down

You Will Never Meet A Dodo

Severn Class have put a huge effort into their 'Book in a Bag' for World Book Day. Here are just a few!

Feeding the Axolotl

Oscar and Malena fed the axolotl today.

Attendance Champions again! 100%! Well done Severn Class!

Living, Non-Living or Never Alive?


We have been practising mixing colours and creating artwork in the style of Kandinsky. Look out for our Masterpiece Artwork coming soon!!!

We received a lovely card from Ella :)

Attendance champions for week beginning 27th January!

It was Jack's turn to have the sharing bag and he enjoyed linking it with our Science topic - animals and humans!

Introducing Bella Bear and Marvin Monkey... our new class reading buddies :)

We've had an exciting time learning about household objects from the past!

Evie and Daisy brought in some lovely resources to support our science topic! Thank you girls!


We are going to be doing Gymnastics this term in PE. Today we moved like animals from cold places - snow owls, penguins, polar bears and snow hares.

It's been an exciting start back this term! We really enjoyed our science lesson!

Lights Camel Action! Well done to all of KS1 for a fantastic performance!

Severn Class are enjoying Christmas craft making!

Severn Class enjoyed their Christmas dinner!

Severn Class have been busy learning about recipes and making cakes for the Macmillan cake sale!

Happy Birthday Malena! Look at the wonderful cake Malena's mum made to share with Severn Class!


Severn Class have created planet collages using a variety of materials and thinking about Hot and Cold colours.


The children have made some lovely patterns with the pattern blocks.

Look what Alan made! Alan collected natural materials from our walk to Nesscliffe and made this wonderful creation!

We had a wonderful time at Nesscliffe!

Children In Need

Well done Severn class for coming to school in pyjamas to support Children in Need. We also did the Joe Wicks Big Morning Move!

Our Reading and Handwriting Parent Information Event - October 2019

Attendance Champions! 100% for week commencing Monday 4th November

Remembrance Day

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

Severn Class have been busy over half term!

Exploring lever and wheel mechanisms

How rockets take off!

Today we learnt how rockets take off. We found out at that out that engineers and scientists work together to make a chemical reaction. We made our own rockets as well as our own chemical reaction. We had lots of fun! 

Design and Technology 

We have made slider moving pictures.

Some more super home learning going on in Severn!

We made weather charts in our Science lesson!


The children have been practising their sending and receiving skills this week in PE. They are enjoying wearing the new PE t-shirts and look very smart!

Lolly Pop Aliens!

Science Experiment!

Today we carried out our first science experiment. We investigated materials that melt when heated. We found that chocolate and wax crayons melted quickly, soap melted a little bit and rock and marble didn't melt at all. We had so much fun!

K-nex Rockets

This week's challenge in the construction area was to build a rocket with the k-nex.

Playdough Aliens

The children have been busy using playdough to create Aliens.

Squirrels Forest School

Today we became explorers and armed with our magnifying glass we set out discovering all sorts of interesting things!

Evie and Isabelle have been busy with their home learning tasks! They are super, well done girls!


There have been some amazing space buggies made in the Construction Area this week using k-nex.

Paper Planets

Severn class have made paper planets this week using a variety of materials.

Hedgehogs Forest School

Today we embraced the rain and enjoyed jumping in puddles! We also got the chance to get really close to a spider and examine the incredible web it had built!

Severn Class are attendance champions again! 16th - 20th September. Well done children!

Isabelle, Sophie and Alex completed a home learning task and enjoyed making a model of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Look how brilliant it is!


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF ...the children have enjoyed making rockets this week.

Feeding the Axolotl

Daisy enjoyed feeding the axolotl today.

Eco Council Representative

We are proud to announce that the Eco Council Representative from Severn Class is Jack Brick Mason.

Squirrels really enjoyed their first Forest School session of year 1.

They explored the site, played in fairy hollow and created dinner parties. 

Severn Class are attendance champions for 9th - 13th September!

Finding Your Way

This week we have been exploring the big feeling of 'fear'. We read the story of The Frightened Fairie by Kay Brophy and then we talked about what we were afraid of. We discussed ways of dealing with this feeling and the children have enjoyed creating fairies with lollipop sticks.


We had a brilliant music session with Mr Pierce. We played clapping games and by the end of the lesson we were reading musical notes! We are very excited to start our music sessions with Mrs O'Brien next week!

Severn Class School Council Representative

We are proud to announce that our School Council representative from Severn class is Poppy Gray. 

Class Novel

Severn class have begun reading our class novel, James and the Giant Peach. We will be listening to a little part of the story each day.