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George has been using the knowledge organiser at home!

George has been using the knowledge organiser at home!  1

Now we have a list of children with photo consent I can start updating the website with pictures of what we have going on! Have a look at the pictures below.

Thank you for lending me your wonderful children for our second week - it's been a busy one! 

Your child should have brought home their spelling books today for you to see how they got on. Please could they be returned on Monday.

You may have noticed a lack of signatures from me in your child's reading record. We are beginning to use whole class guided reading which should help to improve their comprehension skills, however it means I don't write in or sign their books every time we do it, because that would be 30 books to sign nearly every day! But rest assured I am still teaching your children to read! I am trying to get around them individually as well. 


Have a lovely, sunny weekend,


Miss Smith


Our first two weeks in Meadow Class!



Every week your child will get a new set of spellings. These spellings will include sounds that they have been working on in Letters and Sounds that week.


They will have a white copy of their spellings that they will keep at school to complete first thing in the morning, and a coloured copy for you at home. You can keep this at home we don't need it back. It is for your child to practise the spellings at home. They don't need to be practised on the sheet - you could use paint, sand, pasta... anything!


These spellings will be tested on a Friday morning and new spellings given out. This Friday your child will come home with a red spelling book where they have done the spelling test. Please have a look how your child has done and then return it on Monday. We will keep it safe at school ready for the following Friday.


Thanks for your continued support,


Miss Smith

Welcome to Meadow Class! 


We had a lovely day getting to know each other, the routines and where everything is in the classroom.


Your child was given a yellow reading record and a new reading book today. Please try to read with your child at least 3x per week and sign the reading record. 




Miss Smith