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Meadow Class Forest School

Today we spent a lot of time using the measuring resources. We tried to find out how tall the trees were, which one had the biggest trunk and wether or not things were level!

There was also lots of role play giving the children opportunity to use their imaginations and develop their social communication skills.

We've had a great morning exploring pumpkins, becoming scientists in the mud lab and turning sticks into people!

The Three Bears left us a letter asking us to follow their trail and collect apples for their porridge!

We followed the oat arrows, it all felt alot like a story we have been learning about in class.

When we got to the orchard there were lots of apples to collect but we had sneaking suspician we were being watched! There was a black cat, an evil cackel and a poisened apple which could only mean one thing, A WITCH!

We took our apples back to the forest for the bears but we were so worried about the witch we thought we had better make some potions and try and trick her into drinking them.

Inspired by National Seed Collecting Week we spent some time collecting seeds from the plants and trees growing in our forest. This gave lots of lovely opportunity to explore, identify and discuss seeds and where to find them. 

Our poem by Laurance Dunbar was lovely and taught us that even though we are small we can have a big, positive impact on the world.


We have been discussing and exploring what lives in our forest. The children shared ideas about habitats and how they suited the animals needs.

The children worked in small groups sharing ideas and identifying which areas some of our native species would choose to live.

We even got to examine a real life birds nest up close!