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John Muir Award

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Hi we are Leighton, Evie, Ryan, Elena, Josh and Fred and we are working towards are John Muir award.



Today, we were exploring on the field and we discovered a hole. We thought it was a fox hole because it was too small for a bigger animal like a badger. Josh found a badger hole on the other side of the field, that was dug under the fence but most importantly - we had fun!

Today we started of filling a bird feeder and setting up our bird bath.

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Today we worked together to build a water system.We had to think about how to overlap the chutes and make sure the water was going down.

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Hello our names are Oliver, Charlie, Madison, Owen, Charles, Luke and Caitlyn. We are working on our John Muir Award whilst having FUN in the forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The John Muir Award values our positive impact on wild areas. It is made up of four parts: Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. This is where we will share all our discoveries.  




When we first started our award the forest was greener than grass. Four weeks in the colours of the trees started to change and the leaves started to fall off. 


This is the skull and jaw of a fox. Found by Owen. It took one year for the flesh to decompose to reveal the skull and jaw.

It was really cool and smelly. We think it was a young fox because the teeth were in good condition.





We collected litter from our forest. We were surprised by how much rubbish there was! All litter is dangerous to wild life!

We will collect litter at the beginning of each of our sessions to do our best to protect our Forest.